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2019 – Zebco’s 70th Birthday Bash! – ORCA National Convention, Tulsa, OK

The convention will take place from May 29th to June 1st in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  ORCA’s 2019 Convention is also a part of Zebco’s 70th anniversary celebration. Zebco has graciously offered to host a number of events for ORCA at their headquarters in Tulsa and to actively participate in the convention. This event will be the first time that ORCA has

Bibliography of Reel News Articles Updated through 2018

The Comprehensive Bibliography of ORCA Reel News Articles has been updated to cover 2018 editions. The listing is available in a number of forms including a downloadable Excel spreadsheet with built-in sorting and filtering controls to help focus in on your search. Older editions of the Reel News can be purchased online here with PayPal

ABU Record 1946 Catalog added to ORCA Library

A color digitized copy of the ABU Record 1946 Catalog has been added to ORCA Library. This is a brand new holding for the ORCA Library. ORCA Members that have set up their own Store Account with a Member account designation can download their own copy. Check out the ORCA Online Library inside the ORCA

November 2018 Reel News is in the mail!

              The November 2018 Reel News is in the mail to ORCA members. Here is a preview of what is inside: ORCA President David Lehmann announces that our 2019 Convention will be held in Tulsa, hosted by Zebco! He also introduces 2 new premium classes of ORCA membership. ORCA

River Reflections: Essays on Life and Fly Fishing

    Great news! ORCA’s own Bob Miller’s newest book — River Reflections: Essays on Life and Fly Fishing — is off to press and will be an ORCA Exclusive! And what a book! Many of you have read his writings in the Reel News, well this book collects those, essays from his long out-of-print

Sept 2018 REEL NEWS is on the way!

  The September 2018 REEL NEWS has been published and is in the mail to ORCA members!     In this issue- ORCA President David Lehmann discusses the intersection of art, science and fishing reels. Reel News Editor Richard Lodge asks: “What kind of a reel collector are you?”. Dr. Todd E.A. Larson tells the

Fishing Reel Research Updates to Patent Pages

Take note of these new Fishing Reel Research (FRR) updates to U.S. Reel Patent pages. A list of U.S. Design Patents for reels and combos has been provided by Alan Baracco. As well, a consolidated list of Pflueger & Enterprise Manufacturing Co reel related patents has been added. Both lists of patent numbers have hyperlinks

July 2018 Reel News is in the mail!

The July 2018 Reel News is in the mail! It features a new front page design with a great photo of the Oscar Allen reel by Scott Edwards (and his excellent article inside), a good variety of articles and coverage – in words and photos – of the 2018 ORCA convention. If you do not